March 1, 2024

Blah blah blah

donald trump barking gibberish
Some people wonder why trump's followers accept his incoherent, nonsensical speeches. It's because they can't distinguish between intelligent speech and the ravings of a lunatic.

Perhaps you've had the experience of trying to explain something of moderate complexity to a person like that. They tend to just stare dully or else they snap, "Speak English!" because they don't know the words you are using. To them, complex sentences and words of three or more syllables are impossible to understand. So they don't expect to be able to make sense of a leader's speeches.

When trump's speeches veer off into word salad, they can't tell the difference, since, for them, most English discourse is like a secret code. All he has to do is use occasional baby talk, make smug faces, and throw in a few buzzwords -- border, babies, Christian, communists, Democrats, unfair, veterans -- and they think he's on their side. They really can't tell when he is incoherent. And even when he speaks in complete sentences that follow each other, they don't notice how ridiculous his claims are, because they lack critical thinking skills and don't have the broader knowledge needed to evaluate such statements.


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