June 25, 2024

A Question Answered

You may have noticed Magadonians saying things like, "I don't care if trump is a pedophile who sells nuclear secrets to to Russia, I'm still gonna vote for him because it'll make libruls cry."

They have many variations on that theme, but it all boils down to, "It's okay if trump ruins the country, because that will ruin the lives of those nasty liberals, and that will make me happy." They may or may not realize that if trump ruins people's lives, their lives will be among the ruined, but they don't care. Their hatred of "the left" is so powerful, they will give anything, risk anything, sacrifice their grandchildren if necessary, just to punish liberals for existing.

And that is the answer to the question, "Why do they vote against their own best interests?" They do it because it's against your best interests, too.


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