April 28, 2024

More Teachers With Guns

I've written about teachers and guns before, but it's a topic that just won't go away. As Tennessee passed a law allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons on campus, people on social media reacted:

At my university, there was a math professor who got fired after repeatedly urinating on another math professor's office door. I can only imagine the scenario if the two of them had guns.

On another occasion, there was a student in one of my classes who got very angry at the professor, and they started arguing. The student was a tall, muscular young man; Prof was middle aged and flabby. Student was intimidating, looming over Prof and getting really loud. Prof stood his ground, but from my front row seat, I could see he was afraid. I hate to think what would have happened if Prof was armed and felt the need to defend himself, or if Student was armed and felt the need to eliminate what he sincerely saw as someone treating him wrong. Fortunately, the confrontation ended peacefully when another student intervened verbally, inspiring the angry student to leave the room.

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