April 25, 2023

Men in Dresses, Ladies in False Moustaches

Costume woman marching humorously
People used to understand that dressing up in costume was just a way of being silly or entertaining. Children especially appreciate playacting and dress-up. Cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny were pictured in drag as part of humorous stories. The Three Stooges, a well-known and very popular comedy act, occasionally dressed in drag. Popular sitcoms over the decades have included story lines where characters appeared in drag. In many cases, drag performers do impersonations of entertainers they admire. Even politicians like Rudy Giuliani and donald trump have participated.

Are there drag performers whose shows include overtly sexualized material? Of course, there are some. You can examine any genre of entertainment, and find whatever it is you are looking for. There have been X-rated cartoons, but that didn't prompt a movement to criminalize all cartoons. John Wayne Gacy was a serial killer who worked as a clown, but his case didn't trigger an anti-clown movement. For decades, we have seen cases of churches providing cover for people who sexually abuse children, yet few people want to make it illegal to take a child to church.

Once again, we are seeing a loud subset of the population exercising disproportionate control over local legislation. The same people who demand that men in drag be classified as adults-only entertainment seem to have no objections to scantily-clad cheerleaders on televised sports shows. They aren't picketing church picnics to demand that priests wearing elaborate gowns be kept where innocent children can't see them. @realrkwest

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