November 3, 2022

Ending Social Security

If you are retired or soon to retire, and you think the Republican plan to end Social Security and Medicare makes sense, think again. Ask your doctor's office how much an office visit costs an uninsured person. Ask your pharmacist for the full retail price of the medication you take.

Do you have a 401k or other retirement account? Will it be enough to pay your bills and allow for some occasional fun?

Do you think you can just move in with your adult children or grandchildren? If so, are you sure they would welcome you? Do they have room in their home? Who would you share a bathroom with? Would they expect you to be an on-call babysitter for small children? Do you and they like the same kind of food? How much money can you contribute toward groceries, rent/mortgage and other household expenses? Do you approve of the way they clean house, or the way they cook? Do you approve of the way they are raising their children? Do they perceive your helpful suggestions and comments as interference? Do you believe they'll be able to support your needs if you become disabled or if you require full-time care? If you become incontinent (like over half of older people), do you want them to have to change your underwear?

If you'd rather keep your Social Security and Medicare, the time has come to vote for Democrats, all the way down the ballot. @realrkwest

Image by Besno Pile from Pixabay

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