October 26, 2022

Release the Medical Records?

Get a full copy of your own medical records some time and read carefully. You may be surprised at all the things that are slightly wrong, completely wrong, or weird. I once went to the ER for chest pain (it turned out not to be a heart attack). When I was admitted, they asked me what I had eaten all day. I told the truth, which included a big candy bar at lunch and 1/2 a glass of wine at dinner 2 hours earlier. I looked at my medical records later and saw someone had written, "Patient had been drinking." That phrase, whether intentional or not, made it sound like I was drunk. Imagine what a political opponent would do with stuff like that.

In another case, I was being evaluated for a particular problem, and I was asked more than once if I experienced dizziness or vertigo. I truthfully told them no, I did not have any dizziness. Years later I found that the doctor had written that I was there for dizziness. I don't know why he lied. He wasn't my regular doctor and I never saw him again. That falsehood is still in my "full" medical record.

I've had friends who found records of appointments they never actually had with doctors they never actually saw. It's a very flawed system.

Calling for the release of a candidate's medical records may sound like a good idea, but it isn't. If health is a big concern, then let ALL candidates submit to a pre-campaign wellness exam, and make that public. It's enough to determine fitness. @realrkwest