July 21, 2022

Free to Be

I always thought I could marry whomever I wanted. As it happens, I didn't want to marry a woman, so I didn't really think of it as an option. But just because I don't want to do that, doesn't mean I should try to stop someone else from doing it. But that seems to be the foundation of many people's opposition to gay marriage. They don't want to do it, they think it's icky, therefore no one else should do it. Hey, I think marrying a Republican would be icky, but I'm not going to try and make it illegal.

Right now, all over town, there are people doing things I don't want to do. They are eating foods I don't like, reading books that bore me, watching TV shows I hate, and engaging in sexual activities that don't appeal to me. So what? It's none of my business. We really don't need laws to make everyone do what I would do (or not do what I wouldn't do). But that's the kind of thing that gets right-wingers all fired up. They've got a powerful desire to make everyone be just like them. They want us all to follow their religion, live their approved lifestyle, ignore truth if it doesn't match their vision of the way things should be. No matter that they like to see themselves as individualists fighting for freedom, the Republican Party is the party of conformity. @realrkwest

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