June 28, 2022


You may never want or need an abortion. Maybe you won't find yourself facing death from an ectopic pregnancy. Maybe you won't suffer a miscarriage and need lifesaving treatment. Maybe you won't be impregnated by a rapist. Maybe the hundreds of other things that can go wrong won't go wrong in your life. Lucky you. But what we are being told isn't just about babies and pregnancy. We are being told that the government has the right to monitor the most personal aspects of your life. That the government has the right to overrule your doctor regarding health care and emergency procedures. What if the government decides you shouldn't get cancer treatments or that setting your broken leg is contrary to God's will? Do you want the government to tell your doctors they can't treat your diabetes or your high blood pressure? Don't dismiss these ideas as farfetched. There are already politicians planning to tell you you can't have birth control pills or condoms (even if you're married). And there are already politicians planning to limit the medical decisions parents can make for their children. It's easy to think this only affects other people. But you will wake up one morning and find out it affects you. @realrkwest

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