June 22, 2009

Side-Blotched Lizard

Side-blotched lizard, photo by Rosemary West © 2009The common side-blotched lizard (Uta stansburiana) is one of the most abundant lizards in South California. They are able to survive in a variety of habitats, and prefer open, rocky areas. As with many other lizards in this region, their tails may break off if they are caught, and will grow back to some extent. Their life span is only about a year, and they produce eggs in the spring and summer. Active during the day, they eat small invertebrates. They should be very happy in this area, where we have a huge supply of crickets and grasshoppers.

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  1. He/she is very sweet. :-)

    Skinks are a world wide amazement in habitat and abikity to shed and regenerate their tails. Thanks for sharing!


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